Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Session Overview

A typical regression therapy session will span up to 3 hours. You will receive a recording of your session.

Every regression therapy session is comprised of 4 core components

  • Regression Pre-Preparation: We will initiate each session with a review of your goals and regression therapy procedures that may be utilized during your session.
  • Regression Hypnotherapy: Our next step will include up to 1 hour of focused hypnotherapy. Your therapist will use hypnosis techniques discussed in the preparation to bring you to a highly focused state. She will then apply verbal repetition and visual imagery to help you let go of old habits and develop positive behaviors intended to help you overcome barriers reach your personal goals.
  • Discussion and reflection: You and your therapist will engage in a period of reflection and discussion regarding insights, outcomes and post session action plans emerging from your experience.
  • Action planning: The final portion of your session includes identifying specific post session actions that map to your personal goals. Your action plan may include hypnosis and meditation tactics that you can call on to help you stay the course.

For your first regression therapy session

  • Plan for an additional 30 minutes to get acquainted with the various hypnosis and meditation techniques that you may encounter in your regression session.
  • We will spend time establishing and discussing your personal goals and your relevant medical history. In subsequent visits, this component will require less time.