Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight loss programs are a dime a dozen. We know you’ve seen them – probably even tried some.

The simple truth is that the secret to losing weight is an outcome of lifestyle changes. These changes are built around a weight loss program that combines proper eating habits with exercise. In this context, hypnotherapy can be an extremely powerful tool to help you lose weight, and to keep it off. Hypnotherapy helps to both reinforce the positive aspects of weight loss, and to reduce our natural tendency to dislike change.

Our multi-session weight-loss hypnotherapy can include

  • Strengthening the desire to learn healthy behaviors
  • Reducing the resistance to change
  • Reducing the desire to eat certain foods (aversion hypnotherapy)
  • Building concentration to better focus on your weight loss program
  • A customized approach based on your specific needs

Hypnotherapy may just be the tool missing from your tool-set to becoming the new you. Why not schedule a session today?